Upcoming IPOs

Small Caps’ upcoming IPOs page offers investors a preview of companies that are currently planning to list on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange). Included is details of the IPO (Initial Public Offering) including company name, ASX code, issue price, capital raise sought, prospectus and more. Investors can also view and track the performance of companies that have previously listed.

Total number of IPOs in 2023 = 83

RaiseFocusMore Information
Activeport Group (TBA)ATV$0.20A$15mSoftwareWebsite
Alvo Minerals (TBA)ALV$0.25A$10mCopper and zincWebsite
Aurum Resources (14 Oct)AUE$0.20A$5mGoldWebsite
Austral Resources Australia (3 Nov)AR1$0.20A$30mCopperWebsite
C29 Metals (26 Oct)C29$0.20A$5mCopperWebsite
Cooper Metals (29 Oct)CPM$0.20A$4.8mCopper and goldWebsite
Cosmos Exploration (11 Nov)C1X$0.20A$5mMineral explorationWebsite
Diablo Resources (12 Oct)DBO$0.20A$6.5mGoldWebsite
Dragonfly Biosciences (20 Oct)DRF$0.20A$11mCannabidiol oilWebsite
Dundas Minerals (9 Nov)DUN$0.20A$6mMineral explorationWebsiteArticleVideo
Eastern Metals (14 Oct)EMS$0.20A$4.5mMineral explorationWebsite
Equinox Resources (22 Oct)EQN$0.20A$9mIron oreWebsite
Green Technology Metals (28 Oct)GT1$0.25A$24mLithiumWebsite
Hamelin Gold (4 Nov)HMG$0.20A$12mGoldWebsite
iTech Minerals (25 Oct)ITM$0.20A$5mMineral explorationWebsiteArticleVideo
Kalgoorlie Gold Mining (12 Nov)KAL$0.20A$12mGoldWebsite
Lukin Resources (19 Nov)LKN$0.20A$7.5mMineral explorationWebsiteArticleVideo
Lykos Metals (9 Nov)LYK$0.20A$12mBattery metalsWebsite
Minerals 260 (TBA)MI6$0.50A$15mMineral explorationWebsite
NickelSearch (TBA)NIS$0.20A$10mNickelWebsite
RAM Essential Services Property Fund (20 Oct)REP$1.00A$356mReal estateWebsite
Recharge Metals (11 Oct)REC$0.20A$5mCopperWebsiteArticleVideo
RemSense Technologies (12 Oct)REM$0.20A$5mVirtual imagingWebsite
Resilience Mining Mongolia (12 Oct)RM1$0.20A$6mCopper and goldWebsite
Star Minerals (18 Oct)SMS$0.20A$5mGoldWebsite
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